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Solvent bonding




The low surface energy of certain plastics such as PVC, ABS, polycarbonate or polystyrene, as well as the associated poor wettability, often makes it difficult to bond them.

However, in order to achieve a long-lasting, strong bond, solvent bonding adhesives from the Köratac product range can be used. These adhesive systems swell the surface of the substrate, making the polymer molecules on the surface of both materials in the bond more active. As a result, they diffuse into one another following adhesion, thus forming a characteristic adhesive layer.

This type of diffusion bonding is characterised by the same or a very similar composition of both the substrates and the adhesive. Any remaining solvent evaporates during the drying process, either over the edges of the joints or through the plastic.

Solvent bonding is particularly useful for bonding PVC piping in pipeline construction, in bonding polystyrene or Plexiglas for the manufacture of chemical equipment and for bonding PVC films.